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  • How To Auto Connect Any WiFi

Here is an amazing method described to auto connect any wifi without knowing it’s password by just a single click.All proceedings are very simple and you will enjoy free wifi.If a particular wifi hotspot have a tight security, the method described here will overcome this security for you to enjoy absolutely free wifi and you will be auto connected to your desired wifi network by just a single click anywhere.

The method described here is used worldwide and you can also use it anywhere in the world because wifi passwords are saved from across the world and you will enjoy all social media services and other features of your mobile apps for absolutely free of cost.You never need now to use expensive data packages or pay bill for a wifi connection because these things will be found free here.

All the proceedings to auto connect any wifi, will be done through an amazing app known as “wifi passwords by instabridge”.So, let’s learn whole method to auto connect any wifi.

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Wifi passwords By Instabridge.

It’s an amazing app that holds millions of wifi passwords from across the world.This app helps you to auto connect any wifi network without knowing it’s password by just a single click anywhere in the world.You will install the app and allow all it’s permissions in your phone like storage permissions & access to your location and all others.Then you will select the network of your choice and will ve connected to it by just a single click.

There are primarily three different types of Wi-Fi password securities. These Wi-Fi securities are as follows:

1•Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP).

2•Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA).

3•Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS).

This app will overcome all these security issues and will provide you free wifi anywhere.


This app has no harmful effects on ypur device.

auto connection will occur once you are in range of particular network.

All proceedings are free of cost.

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